Rules Clarified

1. No Hate Speech

We disallow hate speech of any kind, including but not limited to racism, antisemitism, Islamophobia, anti-LGBTQ hate speech, ableism, fatphobia, casteism, discrimination based on nation of origin, discrimination based on caste.

For antisemitism, Babka Social uses the IHRA Working Definition of Antisemitism.

For anti-LGBTQ Speech, we include deliberate misgendering or deadnaming as hateful, as well as promotion or endorsement of so called “conversion therapy” or any related programs or practices.

2. No Harassment

We do not allow harassment on Babka Social, including but not limited to dogpiling, doxxing, deliberate block evasion, bringing up irrelevant/painful or provocative topics in replies, reports, or other acts which are clearly intended to harass or upset. In addition, any form of hate speech directed at an individual may be considered harassment.

3. No spreading of harmful misinformation

We do not allow the spread of harmful misinformation, such as but not limited to medical misinformation, election interference, or misinformation that could incite hate.

4. No spam or unsolicied advertising

We do not allow spam or unsolicited advertising on Babka Social, including unsolicited notifications or advertising products unrelated or contary to our core values.

5. No promotion of Violence

We do not allow promotion or glorification of violence on Babka Social.

6. No spiritual Bullying

We do not allow spiritual bullying on Babka Social, including bullying messages that say a user will suffer if they don’t change, supercession, proselytizing one’s religion, or Jewish gatekeeping.

  1. Nudity and or violence

Nudity and or violent media must be marked as sensitive when posting. We prefer this content also be marked with a CW in addition to marking as sensitive.

  1. No illegal content

No content that is illegal in the United States may on Babka Social.