Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: November 30, 2022

What exactly makes Babka a Jewish social media space?

Babka’s mission is to serve the Jewish community, meaning that our design and our policies are designed around the needs of the Jewish community and values.

What’s the differerence between Babka and Babka Social?

Babka Social is Babka’s Mastodon instance. Eventually there will be other services as well, and they will all be under the Babka banner.

What does it mean that Babka Social is in beta?

While Babka Social is usable right now, Babka has not officially launched and not all functionality may be working.

The biggest bug we have at the moment is that some Mastodon apps are not working currently. This is unfortunately due to a bug in Mastodon that effects certain instances. This issue has been reported to Mastodon, and Babka is working as fast as we can to fix this as soon as possible, both for Babka and other Mastodon instances also effected by the bug.

Another bug is that this blog’s has black headers in dark mode, making them difficult to read.

Does Babka allow accounts for businesses?

We allow commercial accounts that are related to the Jewish community. We do have a strict no spam policy, though, and disallow directly advertising to people.

I’d like to support you financially!

Right now Babka does not have a mechanism to take donations, but we hope to have something in place soon to allow people to give us money!

I have other questions!

Please send a message to Serge either by email at serge AT or on the Fediverse serge.